I first picked up a camera when I was fourteen years old. Learning in film was amazing and I have found that understanding film photography has made me stand out from the digital age. I shot my first wedding when I was twenty years old and my first three weddings were shot in film. Digital photography has changed the art dramatically but having the understanding of film photography has made me appreciate the art so much more. You will notice in my images; I tend to edit as if it was replicating film. In 2008, I started my business officially in the State of Rhode Island after moving back from living in New York City. Since then I have gone on to shoot hundreds of weddings and work with the most amazing wedding professionals.

My personal life you may ask? Well, I have an amazing husband who is a musician and two beautiful children who I just completely adore. We live on the southern coast of Rhode Island and travel as much as possible.

Now enough about me. Shoot me an email and let’s go grab some coffee!