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Sienna Turn’s One and Jillian’s
Mothers Day Session

Mother’s Day comes once a year and what better way to celebrate it than with a Mother’s Day photography session with your little munchkins? Jillian took that opportunity and the day couldn’t have been better. Was there sunny skies? No! Was there fog? Yes! Did that make for amazing photographs, absolutely! As I watched Jill run around the park, chasing after her youngest Sienna, who just turned one and keeping a close eye on her oldest and middle boys, I was in awe of how she does it. Three children, and she didn’t even sweat! I was absolutely amazed by her maternal instincts and it made me wonder, how in the world does she handle this so well? All I can say is that I was honored to be in her presence. She taught me a thing or two about keeping my cool (with my one toddler) and that things are going to happen, kids are going to fall, one may take a dip in the fountain, one may fall in the grass and get his pants stained… but who cares? That is what being a child is all about, little mishaps and spills. But why sweat the small stuff? Jill is an outstanding mother who has the patience of a saint and the grace and poise of a queen. I was honored that she had me capture this day for her.

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