Meet The Photographers

Thanks for stopping in to meet myself and team of awesome photographers!

Katie Lovaas: Owner/Lead Photographer

I have been a photographer since I was fourteen years old and shot my very first wedding when I was the ripe age of twenty years young. While at the time I shot in film, I have found my knowledge for understanding film photography has made me stand out from the digital age. Digital photography has changed the art dramatically but having the understanding of film has made me appreciate the art so much more. I started my business officially in 2008 in Rhode Island and since then I have gone on to shoot hundreds of weddings, all over the world. I love traveling, my husband Brendon, my beautiful son Dylan, our dogs and music; just to name of a few of my favorite things. My style of shooting is photo journalistic and I have a very unobtrusive approach, which makes my style very candid. I love to smile, dance and hug. I have been known to tear up behind the camera a time or two because I love my clients and establishing a relationship with them is very important to me. You are more to me than “just a client”, you are people I learn to get to know and love. You will become part of the Katie Lovaas Photography family.


Tiffany Joyce: Associate Photographer

I’m a self proclaimed weirdo who loves dogs, traveling and polka dots. I’m a little bit shy but I love to laugh and try to find the joy in everything. Life is short and I see it as an adventure.
I’ve been a photographer since I was 12, and a wedding photographer for 5 years. My favorite moments to capture are candid and full of emotion. I am the kind of person who will hug you just after meeting you, and cry at commercials. I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do, and have the best job in the world.


Faye Joyce: Assistant Photographer

I love adventures, my kids and my husband. You will find us camping or cruising all year long. We love random day trips where we just drive and drive and find our own fun! Hiking, ATV’s, geocaching and Minecraft (yes, I play Minecarft with my kids). I enjoy a good mystery book and have passed my love of reading to my kids as is evident with the piles and piles or books spread out around our home. I have been photographing families and kids for seven years and photographing weddings for four years!